Thursday, April 14, 2011


Finally! We have made it to our new home away from home... kind of! We are at the Navy Lodge still but we are here in good ole Naples, Italy! I must say it is quite amazing. We havent been out too much yet. We have been here a lil less than a week. We have gone to two italian restaurants and have seen Pompeii. Tomorrow we are going to see the Amalfi Coast! Its been pretty boring here at the Lodge. We have to wait for our orientation before we can get a place of our own or a car, or pretty much anything. lol We have met a few people. This base is so small i dont think it will take very long to meet EVERYBODY. Well i just wanted to do a lil update. its about 11pm here so im going to crash. I will be writing more often to update on our new amazing italian experiences.. Caio <3

Friday, March 11, 2011

Middle of the night Earthquakes and tsunamis!

As some of you may know one of my best friends, Jessica, lives in Japan. She called me in the middle of the night around 12:30. I wondered why the heck she was calling, maybe she just wasnt thinking about the time difference. Then she called again. Then she told me to just turn on the news. I was so worried, the first thing I thought of was that something happened to her husband who is deployed. Then I found out it was a tsunami and earthquake in Japan! Once I heard jessica was ok and there wasnt much danger for her, I felt so relieved that nothing had happened to her hubby. Im so sad for all the people who have been lost or injured in Japan. I am so glad Jessica and her daughters are ok! And her hubby of course.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Beautiful little girl!

So lately I have been so in love with my baby girl. Just looking at her fills my heart with so much love and joy. No matter what I am going through or feeling when I hold her nothing matters but her! I find myself enjoying doing lil things like changing her and just taking care of her. Its so much work but knowing that she is happy and content makes it all worth it. I cant believe how much she is growing up already. She just had her four month check up, She is 12.4 pounds and 25 inches now.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I love New Clothes!

Finally I got some new clothes today! Pretty much nothing has fit me in forever. I have been hating going anywhere because I only have around 2 outfits I can wear. Today I went shopping and got two pairs of jeans from hollister... on sale for $25 and a button down thermal and a t-shirt. Then a cute shirt from papaya and a pair of knee length shorts from somewhere, I forgot the name of the store. It feels so nice to wear new clothes. It makes me feels so good! Especially with my nice new ring.

I spent the whole day cleaning and packing!! well. until 4pm. Got a lot done. Feels good to come home to a clean house! i hate packing all my stuff and knowing im not gonna have it for a while. But on the flip side it feels good to get it ready to go!

so i guess thats all I did today. Now I have a headache and I just want to lay down and cuddle my lil baby girl. I am just so happy with her, nothing else matters.

Goodnight everyone! Hopefully I can have a productive day tomorrow too! We will see how that goes. haha


Friday, January 21, 2011

Saying Goodbye Sucks

Today was my last day actually being able to hang out with my friend who is going back to okinowa  soon. But it was a great day! We went to Harney Sushi for lunch and it was absolutely delicious as always. We got our favorite flaming lip, or as we like to call it, a Buttery Nipple  :)

Then we just hung out and took a lil mommy trip to babiesrus. Jessica got some more stuff for her lil Britains room, and I got the bedding set for lil miss Brooklynn Madisons room! YAY :) its sooo cute! ill put pics up whenever we actually get to Italy and set up her room. 

It was sad to think that this may be the last time for us to actually hang out.
Possibly for three years :( But I love her and I know we will always be friends. 
Thank Goodness for skype! 
I love you Jess!

I got a new macbook pro! YAY!!
And traded my wedding ring in for a super pretty new one! It makes me smile everytime I look at it hehe

I love my baby girl <3

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Beach Day :)

Finally it was nice enough out to go to the beach yesterday! I even got a little tan! Erics brother is down for the weekend and all they have been doing is playing with their rc cars... Its been a pretty relaxing weekend for me. Yesterday I let them stay home and play with their cars while my friends and I went to Pala for a lil fun. Turns out there was a rodeo yesterday as well so the casino was PACKED! They also had a line dancing thing going on. So, after we lost our money cuz the machines were sucking... we had some sushi and then decided to go watch the people learning the dances. It was pretty entertaining. I want to learn how to do some of the dances, I think it would be pretty fun. I already have a good pair of cowboy boots, I just need a hat now! lol  I also booked a cottage on the beach for the first week of July for a little family VACA. That should be fun! Hopefully ill still have a good time considering it will be summer and ill be 26 weeks along by then.

As far as the baby goes.. It has been moving ALOT lately. Ive noticed it really likes to stretch out, to the point where it kinda hurts.. lol Its nice knowing that its in there though and actually being able to feel it move. Only two more weeks till we find out what it is! Then I will finally be able to stop calling my baby IT. lol

Not too much going on other than that. . Two weeks left of clinicals then its time for externship! I can not wait to be finished with school and graduate. I know im gonna be bored afterwards though. Ill just be sitting at home pregnant... lol So I will be ordering some cable. haha Not that I should just be sitting on the couch... but I need some sort of entertainment. I also ordered some pictures from wal mart the other day. Mostly some of my baby nephew and the navy ball. I need a frame for this pic below. I just love it!! I cant wait till they get here, I wanna continue with some scrapbooking, I havent done any in a while!

Till later! Hope everyone has a great sunday!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Worth Being Tired for

SOOO tired today! But yesterday was worth being tired for. After my day of clinicals I came home and got all ready to go to Van Nuys. Some of my Best Friends, Adrian, was having a graduation party. Adrian and Ryan (another best friend) graduated from Cal State Northridge. We left our house around 2:30 and got there around 6:00 I was sooo hungry, Eric and I got some IN N OUT!! The party was a Hollywood theme so everyone was dressed up. It was soooo great to see all my friends. Its been so long since ive seen them. I always want to see them. It makes me sooo sad not being able to hang out with them all the time. They are all so great! I just feel at home when im with them. Its like we never stopped seeing eachother everyday. I didnt want to leave! lol But at 9:00 we left and got home around 11:00. I was SO freaking tired I passed out as soon as I hit the bed because ive been getting up at 5 every morning. When I woke up this morning my whole right side was killing me. Especially my stomach, it felt like a huge knot on that side. I guess once I fell asleep I didnt move a muscle! So the baby must have been laying on that side all night. Now im finally home and just relaxing on the couch! Gonna take a nap probably. But all in all I think it was worth it to be soo tired to hang out with my Adrian, Brent, Ryan, Scott, Victor, and Evan. Till later. Hope everyone has a great day!