Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Finally some progress!!

Well..today i finally made some progress...i got a job!! yay! I have been looking for a while but since our economy has been going to crap, it hasnt been easy. I get my schedule thurs, and then im a workin woman again!

Eric is gone for the rest of the week, i cant wait till he gets home on friday..i miss him. It is so lonely here at home all by myself..i have to make dinner for one and sleep in that bed all alone..

I had my third psych class today only 3 more and im done!! woop woop! but right after that fall classes...oh well i just want to hurry up and get my internship, now that would be progress!!

Life as it is...

Life as it is, is constantly at a change. Everything happens so quickly and before you know it six months go by. In order to keep in touch and updated about what is going on in the lives of those we love, Robin has decided to blog, I have decided to join her. I know she is a big computer person and lives on her email, i am also online quite frequently so perhaps this is the perfect opportunity. . .

Lately not much has been changing. I just moved down to oceanside to be with my husband, even though he is not here much. Other than school and track, i have been busy trying to find a job, which is a lot more difficult than it sounds. I have an interview today and tomorrow, so hopefully ill be starting sometime this week.

My husband, Eric, is in the Navy. Which explains why he is always gone, he is training to go to Iraq in early october. He will be gone for 7-10 months, the timing sucks, he will miss our 1 year anniversary, and all the major holidays such as christmas, thanksgiving, his birthday and so on...

but i suppose it will give me time to visit family and crack down on getting my bachelors degree in psych. and child developement, and starting an internship with Verna at her company.

Eric and I went camping this last weekend with the bolands and we had a great time. It was so nice to see them and not have to be in a rush. It was just relaxing and good catch up time. i miss them. Hopefully ill be able to visit more, especially since i am closer now.