Monday, July 14, 2008

busy busy.. finally busy again. Sunday was my first day of work i had to go in at 7 am. i stayed till 12 and then i ended up staying even longer for an on call. I ended up getting home at about 5. Kinda sucks cuz eric was home all alone and it made our weekend together go by even quicker...but hey, first day of work and i got 8 hours...not bad.

Work was pretty good. I did some loss prevention workshop videos and quizes. Then i helped clean up to open, get the registers ready, and ran the fitting rooms. It ended up getting really busy.......really. Overall i think i did good, and i liked it alot. Plus i can wear whatever i want to work pretty much! yay!! Because i had to work yesterday i had to wake up early today to finish up some homework for tom. class just in case i had to work today or tom cuz i have on calls.

I drove down to san diego today to drop my friends, rachel and kc, off at the airport. I thought about calling robin to get together, if she was around. Instead i ended up going home in case i got called into work which i just called and i didnt. Ugh....i always said i would never have a job with on calls....its so annoying. But, here i am, what are ya gonna do.....

Im just glad i have a purpose to wake up in the morning and get ready for the day.