Saturday, January 22, 2011

I love New Clothes!

Finally I got some new clothes today! Pretty much nothing has fit me in forever. I have been hating going anywhere because I only have around 2 outfits I can wear. Today I went shopping and got two pairs of jeans from hollister... on sale for $25 and a button down thermal and a t-shirt. Then a cute shirt from papaya and a pair of knee length shorts from somewhere, I forgot the name of the store. It feels so nice to wear new clothes. It makes me feels so good! Especially with my nice new ring.

I spent the whole day cleaning and packing!! well. until 4pm. Got a lot done. Feels good to come home to a clean house! i hate packing all my stuff and knowing im not gonna have it for a while. But on the flip side it feels good to get it ready to go!

so i guess thats all I did today. Now I have a headache and I just want to lay down and cuddle my lil baby girl. I am just so happy with her, nothing else matters.

Goodnight everyone! Hopefully I can have a productive day tomorrow too! We will see how that goes. haha