Monday, April 12, 2010

A Pretty Good Start to the Week

Usually Mondays are the most annoying part of the week. Today was a pretty good start to this week. I woke up and watched Army Wives! Ive been waiting for this season to start FOREVER! Then cleaned up the kitchen since it was much needed. Dirty dishes drive me crazy! Last night I broke Erics phone. He had a password set up on it, you can only try entering it in 10 times. Since he didnt want to take the password off..i decided I was going to push random passwords in 10 times to see what would happen. Turns out if you do it 10 times it completely wipes out your phone. He threw a fit and went to bed. So, I went to t-mpbile to take care of it and a new one is in the mail. Luckily there was two more days left on the warranty. I also had a pretty good talk with Brittney today! A little crap talk on the navy, everyday life, finances, and we are now counting wednesdays together. This week we have 19 wednesdays till Isaiah gets home (approx) and I will be 14 weeks pregnant. Also, since she is blogging.. I decided to start my blog up again. Class went well. A on my written final even though I didnt study well. Now time for dancing with the stars and some chicken nuggets. I would be watching Law and Order, but our lovely piece of crap router went out. Now i have to either have my computer plugged in.. or the xbox. So, sorry xbox.. lol

Goodnight everyone. Sleep tight <3