Monday, May 17, 2010

The Week Begins. .

Unfortunately this weekend is over.. Why does it go so fast?! Saturday was nice. We got the house all cleaned up, hung out for a while and then Liem and Jason came down. We went to the Japanese Garden for a luau. We even had a whole pig! lol It was actually really fun even though it was freezing!! Eric had never been to one so it was cool. Sunday we woke up and went to a new church across the street from our apartment. It was pretty nice. We were a little late (because of Eric). The only wierd thing about the church was when we got there they walked us to seats instead of us just picking our own seats. It was nice going though, I always want to go but it seems like there is always something coming up and we arent able to go. After church we did some grocery shopping and I got some crocs for my nursing skills. They are actually really comfy so far, even though they are ugly! lol

Today was pretty easy for clinicals. Dawne and I were with an RNA so all we did is rehab therapy on some patients. Now im home makin some beans and hanging out. I need to do some studying for phlebotomy, gotta get the order of draw down. Nothing else too much is going on. Its a nice Bleh day for this rainy, cold weather.