Thursday, April 14, 2011


Finally! We have made it to our new home away from home... kind of! We are at the Navy Lodge still but we are here in good ole Naples, Italy! I must say it is quite amazing. We havent been out too much yet. We have been here a lil less than a week. We have gone to two italian restaurants and have seen Pompeii. Tomorrow we are going to see the Amalfi Coast! Its been pretty boring here at the Lodge. We have to wait for our orientation before we can get a place of our own or a car, or pretty much anything. lol We have met a few people. This base is so small i dont think it will take very long to meet EVERYBODY. Well i just wanted to do a lil update. its about 11pm here so im going to crash. I will be writing more often to update on our new amazing italian experiences.. Caio <3