Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pretty Casual Weekend

This weekend was pretty relaxing.

Friday I was not feeling well. I managed to get the whole house cleaned up. Our old friend Angela and her boyfriend came down to visit. We went to the beach to have a bonfire. It was freezing outside from all of the wind. Otherwise it would have been beautiful. Overall we had a good time. It was nice to see her its been about 3 years since the last time I saw her.

My Saturday flew by way too fast. I woke up late, around 1030, with  a headache as usual. I didnt have too long to relax before I had to head over to the Relay for Life event that I was volunteering at. My friends Debra, Stephanie and I were volunteering as part of our school. We thought it was going to be mostly stretching people out which is what we learned in our rehab class. It actually turned out to be more for the massage class. But, even though it was really what we knew how to do, we got to learn some techniques and get some hands on experience working on people. The weather was very nice. It wasnt very sunny but I guess I got a sunburn on my shoulders from the overcast. Once I got home Eric and I made a delicious steak dinner! We had Ralphs fresh bread, some ceaser salad, and STEAK!

Today we had to go to the commisary and get the grocery shopping done. Something we never want to do but something that always needs to get done. Our wireless router went out so we had to get a new one. The one we got wasnt working so we had to go back and exchange it for another one. Finally, we have working internet! yay! Of course all Eric does is play call of duty! Its so frustrating.... I despise the person who invented that game. I wish he was actually good enough to beat this game so I wouldnt have to listen to it anymore!

I wanted to get up and go to church this morning. We really need to start going. I told Eric yesterday we should get up and go. I dont know why, but we didnt.. We need to be more motivated to go. I guess I just dont really want to start going and get attached to this one when we are going to be moving soon. But I probably should go.

Also, Eric and I decided that we would love for Brittany and Isaiah to be our childs Godparents. We love you guys!

I need to go find something to make for dinner. Then its on to a whole new week!