Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another Day Down

Today has thus far been driven by boredom! Eric woke up for work at 6:30 this morning and I was no longer able to sleep. I decided I might as well get up. I just made some coffee and messed around on facebook and my blog, fixing it up so its beautiful! Since the dishes never seem to stay done, I worked on those. Finally took a long and hot shower I was trying to save. haha

Now I find myself in the mood for some Mathew Mcconaughey :)  mmmmmm... mmmmm.He is so delicious! it is my own personal goal to get all of his movies! So Fools Gold it is! Now I just have to make it another 4 hours until its time for school, then I get to sit around and wait to take my lab final. Wish me luck!

This baby is making me Hungry all the time! Nothing I eat makes me full for very long. I hate being broke. When we get paid tom night I am going on a HUGE grocery shopping trip! I need to start eating healthier for the baby! I want it to grow nice and strong. If anyone has some ideas for me... Lemme know!!

Have I said I LOVE Mathew?! I DO
(dont tell Eric! Although i do love him the most...hehe)