Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Just another day..

well..not much happening today just layin around, did some homework, watched some t.v. and now im going to bed..

tomorow i get my schedule for work. Hopefully its good. I need staturday off cuz my friend hennie is having her baby shower.

I miss Eric, havent talked to him yet...

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Robin said...

Some days are just ho=hum. It's the way it goes. Hopefully you'll here from the man soon. I hope your schedule is pleasing.

I wish you were here = I have a ton of housework to do and you know I'd make you help me. LOL.

Peaches is at a friends house. I am on my own. Jav and Steph are coming out tomorrow. That will be good. What are you doing tonight?? (Sat). Wanna come to Scripps Ranch for a couple of hours for a party with me??

Love you!