Thursday, April 22, 2010

..Days go by..

So, the days have seemed to fly by pretty quickly lately. Which is a good thing. I really do not have anything interesting going on in my life. Its the same old same old hanging out during the day and doing dishes and school at night. Speaking of school... I was really looking forward to this nursing class and I am very dissapointed. All my teacher does in class is read to us! Chapter after Chapter!! Then we have to do the review at the end of each chapter and then take a test for each chapter!! I feel like im loosing my mind in there! But at least once we get into the lab its not as horrible. Last night we got to actually practice some stuff. We had to practice placing patients in the bed in the sims positions, fowlers position, and lateral position. So that was entertaining as well as learning how to make the beds. Its so important that we learn every step and all the little details, like not letting your scubs touch the bed, making sure the bed has NO wrinkles. etc. because when we take the state board they are going to pick a task for us to do and if we do one little thing wrong.... we dont pass. There is about 12 tasks with 10 steps each.. so we need to memorize all of those. Therefore today I will be making notecards today will ALL the tasks on them. Also, I will be studying for the next test and vocabulary.. SO much fun... NOT .. haha.
I had my doctor appointment the other day. It was ok. Im not to sure about my doctor. He doesnt really listen to me, it just seems like he only cares about what he thinks.. but I have my next appointment is June 4th and ill be able to know what it is then! yay! So only a month and a week to wait. I hope it goes by pretty quick!

Have a great day everyone!

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navywife24 said...

hey woman!! why arent you writing your blog anymore!! :( boooo!! i wanna read more about how your! get to writing! :)