Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Blogging Again

Sorry I havent been writing lately. Time just slipped away from me. Ive been so busy with school and studying blogging just slipped my mind. Im going to try to start writing everyday again! I promise!

Lets see whats been going on lately. Hmmm. Pretty much I have been super busy with school. Today is my last day of doing actual work in class. We have our final and some lab time and then we are done with work in class!!! Finally! Tomorrow we are just having a potluck and wasting time, since our hours count we still have to stay there.. boo :( But Thursday I start my clinicals so ill be doin that from 630am to 230pm. Im looking forward to that because ill be able to be home with Eric in the evening. Which will be very nice! I dont know about the whole getting up at 530 part every morning.. but i guess ill make due, its only for a month. This baby better get ready!

Other than school not too much going on. This weekend was nice. Friday Eric and I spent the night at my Aunt and Uncles. We played the wii fit, fun! I also got to go to my cousins soccer games on Saturday. They both did a good job, it was fun watching them play. That night my MIL made chicken fried steak! Ive been wanting it forever!! I watched  her and helped out in the kitchen so now I can make it for myself! YAY! They got me a body pillow for mothers day and I LOVE it! It is sooo comfy! We went to church with them on Sunday morning. I really want Eric and I to start going, it always seems like something comes up though. We need to really stick to going. I think it will be really good for us.

Well. I guess thats all for today. I really need to study for my final tonight so I can keep that A!!

Ill be writing again tomorrow! Promise :)

Mothers Day 2009

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♥Miss Brittney♥ said...

yay!! i missed you in the blogging world!! lol